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Pragmatic Mom used to glue magazine clippings of interesting products into a notebook for “just in case.”  Now, I just lists them below.  To purchase, just click on the image and you can buy at

IdeaPaint – Turns Any Surface Into a WhiteBoard!

I found this in Metropolitan Home, June 2009.  It’s not cheap but it’s useful.  “A single-coat application of this white paint turns any surface into a washable marker board offering the benefits of a blackboard paint without the dust or gloomy gray-green color.  It turns any wall (or tabletop!) into a forum for sharing art and ideas. ($199 for a can that covers 50 square feet;”  Pragmatic Mom is going to try this out on an art table that have been covered in water so much that the painted surface is cracked. 

If you click on the image below, you can purchase on  The water based product is $169.95.

If you click on the image below, you can purchase on  The solvent based product is $194.95.


litl Web Book

A great easy-t0-use internet, laptop computer with a built-in digital frame that also connects to your high definition TV.  It has built-in security and maintainance so it’s perfect for in-laws or parents.  It’s particularly great for sharing photos.  You can set “channels” which can be websites so you can steer your kids to sites that you deem as safe and not have them surfing the web.  Click on the image of the computer to purchase at  $699.  The remote control, $19, is separate but very cool!

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