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– Dinosaur Books

Pragmatic Mom’s son went through a serious dinosaur phase that lasted almost a year when he was 4-years-old.  Now he’s into pokemon….sigh!  I prefer reading about dinosaurs!

Here are our favorite books, both story books and non-fiction books.  As always, click on the image of the book to purchase on


Dinosaur Bones by Bob Barner.  Pragmatic Mom’s neighbor’s boys love this book and wanted to recommend it.  [ages 3-7]

The Great Prehistoric Search by Jane Bingham.  My son loved the The Great Dinosaur Search so much that I got sick of reading it.  This was the next best thing.  [ages 3-7]

Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs! by Sandra Boynton.  Who doesn’t love Sandra Boynton books?  We read this book so much it was one of the first books my son memorized and pretended to “read.”  [ages 2-6]

The Magic School Bus:  In The Time of the Dinosaurs by Joanna Cole.  A really excellent series to introduce non-fiction to children.  [ages 5-9]

Danny and the Dinosaur by Syd Hoff.  A classic!  [ages 4-7]

The Great Dinosaur Search by Rosie Heyward.  My son’s favorite book; a search and find dinosaur book with lots of factoids.  Read this every night for months and it’s great for counting! [ages 3-7]

Insiders:  Dinosaurs by John Long.  A great reference book that is fun to read with really good and realistic illustrations.  [ages 3-10].

 I’m Bad by Kate and Jim McMullan.  A cute story book about a T-Rex who is hungry and BAAAD! [ages 3-7]

The Dinosaur Alphabet Book by Jerry Pallotta.  This is a great ABC book with interesting facts to keep the adult and child happy!  [ages 2-6]

Encyclopedia Prehistorica Dinosaurs by Robert Sabuda.  The most amazing pop-up informative dinosaur book EVER! [ages 2-adult]

Ten Little Dinosaurs (A Googly Eye Book) by Pattie Schnetzler.  A great counting book to learn numbers AND wiggle the googly eyes.  [ages 2-6]

Night at the Museum by Milan Trenc.  A fun story book to inspire the family to visit a museum of science!  [ages 3-7].

That’s Not My Dinosaur…its body is too squashy.  Usborne touchy-feely books.  A perfect quick bedtime book or for preschoolers who want to “read” on their own. [ages 2-5]

Oh Say Can You Say Dinosaur?  By Bonnie Worth.  A Cat in the Hat book in the style of Dr. Seuss.  This book is great because it gives you the pronunciation of the dinosaur names!  [ages 4-6]

How Do Dinosaurs…Series by Jane Yolen.  My son loves them all, especially reading the dinosaur names on the front and back inside covers.  [ages 2-7].

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