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– Counting Books

I trolled through a 4 foot stack of counting books to find these treasures.  Enjoy!

I Know Two Who Said Moo by Judith Barrett.  A counting and rhyming book with great vocabulary!  [ages 2-5]


Seashells by the Sea Shore by Marianne Collins Berkes.  A counting book that identifies different sea shells.  A must for anyone who regularly goes to the beach or for a little one that loves to collect shells.  [ages 2-7]

Doggies by Sandra Boynton.  If you love dogs, you’ll love this counting and barking book; emphasis on barking!  [ages 1-4]

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.  A wonderful, enduring classic!  [ages 0-6]

Eight Animals on the Town by Susan Middleton Elya.  A counting book with Spanish mixed in!  [ages 1-5]

Pigs from 1-10 by Arthur Geisert.  Numbers are hidden in beautiful black and white illustrations.  [ages 205]

 Ten Little Ladybugs by Melanie Gerth.  All my kids loved the 3-D ladybugs that appear on every page. [ages 0-4]

1 2 3 Moose by Andrea Helman.  A beautiful photographic counting book of the Pacific Northwest with great factoids.  [ages 2-5]

We All Went on Safari by Laura Krebs.  As you count through Tanzania with Maasai friends, you will also learn to Swahili!  [ages 3-6]

Come Out and Play:  Count Around the World in 5 Languages by Diane Law.  [ages 0-5]

Ten Apples Up on Top by Theo LeSieg.  Because this book rhymes and has a very limited word vocabulary of about 90 words, it’s also great for literacy!  [ages 2-5]

One Watermelon Seed by Celia Barker Lottridge.  A gardening counting book that is great because it also counts by 10’s to 100.  [ages 3-6]

Chicka, Chicka 123 by Bill Jr. Martin, Michael Sampson and Lois Ehlert.  Sequel to Chicka Chicka ABC, this book is perfect for a child learning to count to 100.  W use the front and back inside covers to count to 100, count by 10’s, and count by 5’s.  It’s also fun to point out patterns because the numbers are wonderfully color coded as in, hey look how all the numbers in this column end in the number 2!  [ages 2-7]

I Spy Two Eyes by Lucy Micklethwait.  You and your child will enjoy finding things in famous paintings.  [ages 3-5]

Icky Bugs Numbers 1 2 3 by Jerry Pallota.  Wonderful realistic bug illustrations plus counting 1 through 20 and even skip counting by 2’s.  [ages 3-6] 

The Handmade Counting Book by Laura Rankin.  Learn to count and sign!  [ages 2-5]

100 School Days by Anne Rockwell.  When my kids were in Kindergarten, their teacher tracked the 100th day of school and everyone brought in 100 objects in a bag to celebrate just like in this book.  It’s also a great book to count by 10’s to 100.  [ages 4-6]

Tails by Matthew Van Fleet.  My kids all loved this touch and feel book.  [ages 1-4]

Bunny Party by Rosemary Wells.  Max and Ruby have a party and the guest list keeps expanding.  This is a great book that sneaks in counting with a story.  It’s also fun to match the numbers with the guests.  [ages 1-5]

Max Counts His Chickens by Rosemary Wells.  Max and Ruby search for marshmallow chicks but Max is having trouble finding any.  Count the chicks as Ruby finds with and then match them to the number.  [ages 1-5]

Teeth, Tails and Tentacles by Christopher Wormell.  Gorgeously illustrated and, finally!, the number as a symbol and word!  [ages 0-4]

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