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January 29, 2010

Preventing Accidents in the Kitchen

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I just made a new friend from Twitter who blogs on safety in the home.  Check out:  Follow SafetyInTheHouse on Twitter.

I was remembering the time that I knew angels were looking after my family.   We had a made a huge pot of liquidy soup and left it to cool outside so we could skim off all the fat when it congealed (gross, I know, but works really well to de-fat).  We covered the pot with the lid and put it on the stove to reheat for dinner.  We used the burner nearest to us.  The lid sealed the pot, and when the soup was boiling, it caused an eruption with the soup and lid exoloding everywhere.  My son had been playing near the stove but just a few minutes before the eruption, he have moved to a safe distance.  The soup was scalding hot.  We thank the angels that protect us and now we NEVER cover the pot fully unless it’s the Le Cruset Dutch Oven that is too heavy to blow off.  You need a space for the hot steam to escape or your are creating a volcano.

Thanks Twitter friend SafetyInTheHouse for your tips.  You can never be too careful!

Accidents in the kitchen

Many accidents occur in the kitchen, this should not come as a surprise when you consider the mix of electricity, gas, water, sharp utensils, chemical cleaning products and the numerous appliances all in a fairly confined area. So what can be done to minimise the chances of accidents occuring in the kitchen, below are a few ideas.

– put cleaning materials out of the reach of children (consider using cabinet locks)

– do NOT put dish towels on the stove even if the burners are turned off.  BAD HABIT!

– to prevent slipping ensure that floors are not left wet and any liquid spilt is wiped up straight away

– always use kitchen steps to reach items in high places

– keep knives out of the reach of children and to avoid cuts store sharp knives in a knife holder

– keep electrical leads away from the sink and cooker areas

– always turn pan handles inwards to prevent a child from pulling them over, but do not put the handle over a heat source

– if you do the chef thing and saute something first and then put the saute pan in the oven to cook the meat through, REMEMBER to use a pot holder to remove the saute pan from the oven.  I have burned myself a few times doing that.  It’s easy to forget that the pan handle is scalding hot!

– it may be wise to tie back long hair and not wear loose fitting sleeves when cooking in the kitchen.

– make sure you understand how equipment works before using it

– unplug your coffee maker after you finish your morning coffee.  Lots of fires are caused from mal-functioning appliances!

– before cleaning equipment make sure it is unplugged

One type of kitchen accident is responsible for one fifth of domestic fires and injures 4,000 people each year, that is when oil/fat in a pan catches fire, in the next blog we will look at what to do if you are confronted by such a fire and what can be done to prevent it from happening.

– use a hot mitts when handling food in hot oil and use a screen when the food is cooking.  There is one with a handle, but I forget what it’s called that we use and it works beautifully!


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