Pragmatic Mom

November 14, 2009

Favorite Games: Add to 10

Adding to 10 is probably the most important addition fact set your child needs to know because it helps to break down longer addition sums by creating easy to add groups of ten.  In addition, your child can learn adding to nines by knowing the math facts to 10 and noticing that one of the numbers is one less.  So…if 6 +4 = 10, then 6 + 3 must be 9 because 3 is one less than 4.

These are the games she recommends from her assigned summer homework for  Incoming 2nd graders.

This was my middle daughter’s favorite game.  There is a long slow line of numbers and you fire a number ball to make the two numbers add to ten . This eliminates the ball on the line.  She would play this game well beyond her alloted time!

This is another  fun math game, kind of like a word search, except you search for 2 number pairs (either vertical or horizontal) that add to 10.


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